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'A refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like ...It's an amazing tale' Bill Gates 'The best book I read last year was Shoe Dog by Nike's Phil Knight. Phil is a very wise intelligent and competitive fellow who is also a gifted storyteller' Warren Buffett In 1962 fresh out of business school Phil Knight borrowed $50 from his father and created a company with a simple mission: import high-quality low-cost athletic shoes from Japan. Selling the shoes from the boot of his Plymouth Knight grossed $8000 in his first year. Today Nike's annual sales top $30 billion. In an age of start-ups Nike is the ne plus ultra of all start-ups and the swoosh has become a revolutionary globe-spanning icon one of the most ubiquitous and recognisable symbols in the world today. But Knight the man behind the swoosh has always remained a mystery. Now for the first time he tells his story. Candid humble wry and gutsy he begins with his crossroads moment when at 24 he decided to start his own business. He details the many risks and daunting setbacks that stood between him and his dream - along with his early triumphs. Above all he recalls how his first band of partners and employees soon became a tight-knit band of brothers. Together harnessing the transcendent power of a shared mission and a deep belief in the spirit of sport they built a brand that changed everything. A memoir rich with insight humour and hard-won wisdom this book is also studded with lessons - about building something from scratch overcoming adversity and ultimately leaving your mark on the world.

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    Shoe 22101 Dog by by 30112 Knight Phil 5e36fb8 -

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    Shoe 22101 Dog by by 30112 Knight Phil 5e36fb8
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    Shoe 22101 Dog by by 30112 Knight Phil 5e36fb8
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