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Anti-bacterial Biodegradable solution Plant derived ingredients ensures gentle on shoes Removes scruff marks from shoes Brings shoes back to like new condition Mr Black believe that washing your clothes is bad for them. May seem hypocritical but turns out the intense way our run of your mill washing powder is meant to remove stains is actually doing more harm than good. Mr Black fights against that - with product that cleans your clothes without being too harsh on them. Nothing says more about a man than his shoes. So make sure yours are always looking fresh with this powerful yet natural plant derived solution that quickly dissolves grime and dirt and removes scuffmarks from shoes. Breathing your shoes a new breath of life or at last get you a few more wears out of them yet.

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    Mr 26686 Shoe Black Shoe Mr Refresh b1fd1ff -

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    Mr 26686 Shoe Black Shoe Mr Refresh b1fd1ff
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    Mr 26686 Shoe Black Shoe Mr Refresh b1fd1ff
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