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éS is excited to be re-releasing one of the most requested skate shoes in the history of skateboarding – The éS SLB. Designed by skate legend Salvador Lucas Barbier in 1996, the éS SLB is a timeless classic that encompasses style, function and pure beauty. As the first team rider on éS back in the 90’s, Sal has always had a huge influence on design and style within éS and the skate industry as a whole. Being the first skate shoe to feature an internal neoprene sock, éS continued to take innovation to new levels. Keeping the foot snug and locked into position, the sock helps to give extra comfort, support, and confidence in your skating.

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    eS SLB eS Mid SLB Mid Shoes f1d3f1f -

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    eS SLB eS Mid SLB Mid Shoes f1d3f1f
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    eS SLB eS Mid SLB Mid Shoes f1d3f1f
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